When I Grow Up.


In my childhood I have always felt very attracted by the sea, marine animals, by playing with them… Im a person who really cares for the world.. I always dreamed that one time in my life, with a one little thing..I could change something in this world.

I have always been close to the sea, doing water activities. I love to travel. What would make me the happiest person in this world its being a marine biologist. I’d do everything for the animals, seriously, if I could, I’d give my life for seeing that they are safe and they live in a better place..

When I was a child I always dreamed being a marine biologist..everyday in the water, doing things that I love. Because of personal things, now, I can’t live close to the sea..and this is really sad for me..but when I return to my home in Tenerife , I am the happiest person in this world.

I will fight. I will fight with life to become what I want. When I have the opportunity I do activities in the water..my parents know that this is my biggest dream so whenever they can they give me big surprises for me.. like swam with sharks in the aquarium..

When we have money for the passport ..we return to Tenerife..I see my family, I see my friends..my best friend.. and also..I do what I want.

Where I have my house, in the port, I have a friend whose father its a diver and he loves marine biology.. and I go with him in the boat that he has. I dived in coves, and I have seen coral reefs, seaweed, spectacular things for me.. One day, when I was going to dive with him , we found a broken net but with a fish hooked on it..we did everything possible to survive the fish.. I seen ‘belugas’ in the sea..I would be the best marine biologist just to ensure the best habitat for the animals. I would love to discover new species of marine animals..I WOULD LOVE TO BE A MARINE BIOLOGIST.







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